Working for funders, libraries, consortia, publishers, and universities, we enable innovative collaboration and new perspectives. We have extensive experience working with leading funders, libraries, consortia, subscription agents, vendors, and publishers. We have a strategic overview of the rapidly changing information landscape, and the important trends and opportunities this change brings, coupled with decades of combined management experience.


We have unique networks of influence, and are trusted to enhance understanding and build positive relationships between stakeholders. We enjoy convening expert groups to develop, pilot, and deploy new products and services and negotiating access to content and services. We have a track record in developing and delivering innovative services and business models. All of us have been involved in exciting developments in information services including initiatives in accessibility, digital preservation, consortial licensing, content management, electronic publishing, open access, open science, standards, and identifiers. When needed, we are able to tap into a broad network of consultants with further specialist skills.