Shared Principles completed

Following on from our previous post, we have exciting updates about the work the Shared Principles group have been doing – namely, that they’ve completed the task!

After a little over a month and a half, the group have been able to devise a fantastic new set of shared principles between smaller publishers, libraries and consortia. The principles consider a number of complex topics relating to both price and cost allocation as well as licensing agreements. They are intended to be a routinely-updated framework that will be vital in allowing organisations to commit totally to an open access model.

It has been an intense process, and the team at Information Power are excited to see what other great ideas will emerge when the other three groups begin next month.

If you are similarly keen to see what will come out of these new shared principles, you should definitely make sure to come along to the events we will be hosting early next year to present and discuss the work that we have undertaken – more information about that will be released closer to time.

If you are interested in further information about the project or wish to volunteer yourself for one of the Task & Finish Groups please get in touch at: