The pace of change right now is a huge challenge for publishers trying to prioritize and make sure that the investments they’re making are in the right areas. Publishers also need to do a lot of very rapid innovation and testing. We can help with fundraising strategies, open access strategies for success, and support in transitions. We have experience offering publishers insight into how libraries, consortia, and funders think and operate, and can then help publishers use that information to develop closer and more constructive relationships with any of those groups. We also offer training and expert strategies for negotiation with consortia.

We’ve ran training programs on Open Access thousands of members of staff and are always keeping steps ahead of the moving landscape of Open Access. It’s not just the sales team who needs to understand open access: it’s every single member. This is a cultural change — many publishers are underestimating that in the end, but we’re here to help enable forward-thinking publishers to design for the future.


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