New beginnings – Licensing and Workflow groups

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted anything, and that means it’s time for another project report blog! Last time, the Shared Principles task and finish working group completed their recommended list of shared principles for small publisher – library/consortia agreements, and now that means the Model Licensing, Workflow and Data groups have begun.

The Model Licensing group will be using the SPA OPS model license as a base to develop a new model license template that will align with our shared principles. Whilst it will be impossible to create a ‘one-size-fits-all’ license, the intention is to create a short, basic license that can be used by anyone as well as developing a number of ‘plug-in’ clauses and definitions that can be used as and when required.

The Workflow group will attempt to devise a set of minimum workflow requirements which are achievable by smaller, independent publishers as they interact with libraries and consortia. Currently, the group is mapping across other workflow requirement lists; including ESAC, OABLE and Jisc/RLUK. This will draw out the commonalities and differences amongst them, as well as what does (and doesn’t) work for small independent publishers.

(Want a reminder about the other parts of the project? You can find that here)

It’s fantastic to see these new groups, spring into action – both groups aim to be finished around the end of January, and with only a few more weeks until the holidays, it’s impressive to see the speed and voraciousness with which they work. Until next time.

That’s all for now, but make sure to stick around for next time where we’ll explore the Data group and have a look at what their exciting announcement will be!

If you are interested in further information about the project or wish to volunteer yourself for one of the Task & Finish Groups please get in touch at: