We love working with consortia because of the international, fascinating, and complex challenges that they’re facing as the world moves to Open Access. The anthropology of consortia is something we find invigorating. Consortia are responsible for so much of the wider access to different scholarly communications and other electronic resources. But with that grand scope of impact, many consortia have a wide range of membership: some with really high research institutions, and some much smaller teaching-focused institutions, all within the same consortia. That raises a lot of challenges, particularly around the distribution of cost. Information Power have been very successful at helping consortia with banding.

Right now we’ve been especially busy helping consortia negotiate successful agreements: everything from transformative agreements or Open Access agreements to journal agreements and database agreements, as well as training and preparation to negotiate and finalize agreements with one or more publishers. There is some skill into how you prepare for and approach a negotiating table to maximize the chance that you’ll have a successful outcome and to get the best possible deal — something that Information Power is especially interested in helping consortia to do. We also have noticed that many consortia are too focused on a small number of large publishers. It is exciting for us to help consortia broaden the spectrum of a community of publishers that they can engage with.


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