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INNOVATION & VISIONhazelandhelen

In both the commercial and academic sector Hazel, Helen and Lorraine have a history of innovative thinking, Hazel was an early advocate and manager of site licensing, being central to the licensing initiatives of the early 90s. Helen has been involved in the development of library software for PCs and in a subscription agent’s full text hosting service. As well as founding Ringgold, she is known for her visionary thinking in the information industry. Lorraine is a specialist in business models and strategic thinking in e-Resources. Information Power also specializes in bringing together groups of industry experts to specify products and services and trial these ideas within the industry.


The transition from paper to electronic content has not been easy for producers or consumers. Expectations vary on each side and sometimes communication of these expectations can be difficult. The IPL team are experienced in producing, negotiating and purchasing e-content using new alternative business models such as Open Access and developing shared services.


eContent has meant that standards are increasingly important, however implementing standards isn’t easy and finding the most appropriate and relevant standards needs expert advice. How does the International Standard Name Identifier affect your customer databases? Will ORCID help with your author profiling and identification?

Hazel has been key to the development of standard usage measurement and analysis, working with libraries, publishers and intermediaries to develop the standards that make it possible. Lorraine is Director of COUNTER involved in improving the utility and scope of the standard. Helen has been leading the impetus to create industry standard for institutions with NISO and with her company Ringgold. She saw very early the need for publishers to be able to identify their customers to streamline the electronic supply chain and made this happen within the industry.